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State-private partnership

 The main thing to draw attention to when dealing with government agencies is a balance of interests. Contrary to popular belief, the state has no desire to plague the life out of the business. Otherwise, it will be deprived of the taxpayer, and in case of KORTROS - quite a serious one. 

 In addition, there is an understanding that by requesting too much now, you can lose more later. Excessive obligations will affect the cost of housing and the ability of people to buy it. Curtailing of construction sites will entail stoppage of many associated productions, generate a large number of social problems: from non-payments crisis to unemployment. At the same time, the state cannot cease to solve pressing problems. And here we can lend our shoulder. Yes, not counting on significant financial return, we will compensate it by stability of our partnership. The main thing is to see the possibility of a compromise, not to be afraid to go in for a dialogue. 

 The state offers a lot of opportunities for partnership - construction of housing for the military and the police, resettlement of slum and hazardous dwellings, solving of problems with hoodwinked investors By entering into such projects, we actually solve common problems. It may be regrettable that not many dare to enter into such cooperation. But so much the better for KORTROS - less competitors in this field.