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Group structure


“It is an open secret that Russia is the largest in area state in the world. Huge distances, different geography, different climatic zones and time zones, as well as federal structure of our country (each constituent entity of the Federation has its own legislation and law enforcement practice) make a serious impact on all types of business, and property development is no exception.

As GC KORTROS is interested in establishment of a highly effective company capable to implement large-scale, unique and competitive projects in a wide variety of regions of Russia, we pay much attention to building such Group ownership and management structure which would comply with the following principles:


This principle implementation allows ensuring efficiency at minimum cost. 


Any and all of our partners – contractors, lending institutions, government and municipal authorities, and, of course, customers, –  need only several minutes to understand the logic of our structure and to be convinced of absence of risks during cooperation with GC KORTROS and its subsidiaries. It ensures a relationship of trust and open relationships with our counterparties.


We not only take into account differences in legislative regulation and good business practices of each region, but also adhere to individual approach to each of our partners. It ensures comfortable, prompt and meaningful communication.

Regional management company, a key resource of which is a close-knit team of professionals, is the main business unit of GC KORTROS. Regional management companies in particular implement projects of which we are proud. The corporate center of the Group located in Moscow ensures maintaining high standards and uniform methodology of implementation of all projects in the territory of Russia, organizes interaction within the sphere of public private partnership and creates a balanced project portfolio”.