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Procurement rules

Goods, works and services procurement in the GC KORTROS is carried out in accordance with the regulatory environment (regulatory and procedural framework), created in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and the best domestic practice of conducting tenders.

One of the principles of procurement is to ensure competition under equal conditions for all the parties to procurement carried out by the structural subdivisions of the Group: any interested person satisfying the specified requirements has the opportunity to become a supplier of GC KORTROS.

Regardless of the method of procurement participants must meet the following requirements:

1.  Appropriate license / permit / certificate of admission to conduct a certain type of work / transactions with the procurement item;

2. Qualified professionals in the staff of the supplier;

3. Material and technical resources necessary for performance of work;

4. The Supplier shall not be in the process of bankruptcy, liquidation.

During the particular purchase additional requirements may be established for participants which will be specified in the relevant notification. 

If you are interested in performance of work or providing services, you must apply to the Bid Security Department of the region, where the purchase is planned to be carried out, or to pass electronic registration.