Investment possibilities

Since 2010 GC KORTROS have been engaged in asset management in the interests of outside investors.

  We offer investors a variety of investment instruments:

- bonds,

- closed real estate funds,

- direct investments with different levels of risk and return.

  we work with individuals and institutional investors.

  The strategy of raising investments is based on three principles:

- transparency for investors

- minimization of risks for investors: participation in projects with a complete set of enabling documentation, builder liability insurance,  combination of equity and bank financing, reliable banks-partners involved in structured products

- convenient investing: securities instead of shares in projects and square meters

The benefits of investing with KORTROS:

- sufficient size of the company and regional diversification of projects

- steady financial position

- various investment strategies: competitive yields of 9% to 15% for conservative investors,

more than 18% from direct investments, special instruments for non-governmental pension funds.