In 2015, Group of Companies KORTROS set the goal of moving to a completely new approach to product development. The new product has all consumer-oriented characteristics necessary for comfortable life of residents and includes not only new architecture, public spaces, functional space-planning solutions, landscaping standards, but also offers completely different, exceptional service standards for the customers.

Working on our projects, we strive to consider specific needs of each client, to customize our offer. This is reflected in a wide choice of space-planning solutions, functionality of each square meter of a future apartment, in different types of finishes we offer, in zoned landscaping subject to different groups of residents, in creating public spaces for residents not only of our complexes, but also for residents of the whole city, in implementation of advanced engineering energy-efficient building systems. And most importantly, in enabling the residents to adjust and control the functions of their apartments due to the Smart House system integrated into our projects. Our developments in this field make the latest technologies available for everybody.