About company

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“Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the official website of GC KORTROS. We are acquainted already. KORTROS is the successor of a well-known Russian company. The plain fact is we grew up, and time has come to change. To your advantage.

KORTROS today is 7 areas of operations where we replicate the approach, but not Projects. We want KORTROS to trigger clear associations in people’s minds.


You need to know that we have never frozen any construction, and we have never hoodwinked co-owners and investors. KORTROS increased construction volumes when other companies reduced them. It allowed the company to make a serious progress in the market. 


We acted unconventionally and sacrificed marginality, keeping our eyes on the big picture.

Our planning horizon is years, and pertaining to some projects – decades. We have long-term loans and long-term project financing. It allows avoiding many difficulties connected with macroeconomic situation. That’s exactly why we are trusted by large investors and ordinary customers. Contact our partners and you will find confirmation: we work with the leading world architectural offices, developers, subcontractors and suppliers. The largest banks trust us and our clients.

We are really among the few in the market who promote Public Private Partnership projects. Integrated territory development. We have not only developed and implemented a fundamentally new approach, but we have also become innovators in this promising area, having offered absolutely unique projects of green and power effective construction and filling of space with social infrastructure. KORTROS Group of Companies, and it is a Group exactly – with well-defined and clear structure, has never been selling just square meters.

KORTROS has been creating and creates new space and high-quality accommodation for living nowadays. All of this is a source of pride of those people who worked on it throughout recent years. Be with us! Thank you for your interest, and welcome!”