About company

KORTROS never relied on a given architecture and complete construction solutions. Our variability and flexibility in the choice of design and architectural solutions in a particular area ensures that we and our partners absence of problems, such as monopoly producers of certain types of building materials. For the same because KORTROS consciously creates its own capacity for the production of building materials. The company does not want to generate a dependency to work for the return of production and not in the best interests of their consumers and investors. This approach, together with the preference to operate with local contractors and providers opens opportunities for cooperation. Try to take part in the selection and everyone can! When choosing suppliers and partners all the structural units of the Group are guided by principles of economic appropriate, focus on quality and credibility. At the same time, our own reputation and years of experience work - the best guarantee for the partners. With us you can work for a long time, to work with us profitable and interesting. Be of good cheer!